Beauty Review: Soap and Glory Love At First Blush!


Hello everyone!

Time for my next review! Today it is the Soap and Glory Love At First Blush, now this blusher is a powder compact with different coloured segments that over all make a gorgeous pink toned blush. I’ve had mine for over a year and it has hardly worn down at all, I use this pretty much every single day and it’s still almost full!
I physically can not fault this blusher it goes on smoothly doesn’t smudge and lasts all day long! For the price of around £12 if I remember correctly I was absolutely amazed, yes that sounds expensive but I am yet to find another that I like this much!

Sorry it’s a short review!

Feel gorgeous, always x


Real Technique Brushes Review!


Hello Beauties!
As my first review I’m going to talk about my Real Technique Core Collection and Stippling brushes. I got the Core Collection for my birthday at the start of July and I bought the Stippling Brush about 4 weeks later before I went on holiday. I use them everyday and wash them all every Sunday. They dry over night so are ready to be used the in morning before school which is always a bonus! I do also have more brushes but they are not Real Technique, they’re just brushes I have collected since I started wearing make up three years ago!

The first brush I’m reviewing is the Stippling Brush which is the first brush starting from the back:
When I first got this brush I found it that it was so soft and I’d heard that it was so amazing, so I was excited to try it! After watching many tutorials I decided I would use this brush for liquid foundation. The first day I used the brush, I found it gave me a light/medium coverage so I was pleased with that however all through the day I had my friends coming up to me telling me my skin was patchy and my foundation had clumped considering I had never had this problem before I thought it must be the brush, I carried on using it for the week but everyday my makeup had clumped and separated through that week I tried different techniques of using it. I did big circles, a tapping motion and up and down. None of these methods worked, I then decided to try using it to apply pressed powder. I found that using the tapping motion on my T-Zone made my powder look almost flawless. Since then I have used it for powder and had no issues with it. I think the problem with this brush is that it works differently for all people and you should try and find a way to make it work for you rather than looking at tutorials like I did!

The Detailer Brush is the second brush from the back and the second brush I am going to review:
If this brush hadn’t come in the Core Collection kit I wouldn’t have bought it, I apply concealer with my fingers so it is an unnecessary brush to me, if I were to use it I would use it for precise application of lipstick or concealer. I can’t say much about this brush because I don’t use it often. If I’m going to a party I would use it to create a full coverage of concealer underneath my foundation or if I have a lipstick that stains my skin I use it as I never use the actual lipSTICK, I’m not sure why I just never have!

The next brush is the Pointed Foundation Brush :
I hardly ever use this brush because I feel like it’s too small to put foundation on with when I rubbed in my makeup I was able to every so often feel the actual handle scratch my face! I now use this brush when I want a fuller coverage if I’m going to a party or out for a meal, stuff like that. I put my foundation on my hand then use my Pointed Foundation Brush to gently dab it on my face under my eyes and on my T-Zone if you don’t know what a T-zone is just ask me! If I am highlighting my cheek/under eyes like Kim Kardashian I put my concealer on using the stick (but I don’t do it with lipstick that’s weird right?) then slowly work it in with the brush!

My second to last Real Technique Brush is the Buffing Brush :
I absolutely L O V E this brush more than any other brush in the world, it is so versatile and can be used for anything it is so soft and easy to work with I currently use it for my liquid foundation but it could be used for pressed or lose powder, it also works well with bronzed and blush. It can be used for almost any makeup cream liquid or powder. It can give light medium or full coverage and a smooth skin like finish to any makeup, if I’m travelling light I take just this brush and use it for my foundation powder and blush!

The final brush I’m going to talk about is the Contour Brush:
The Contour Brush is perfect for applying powder blusher! It is direct and picks up my blush really well, I get a light coverage which is perfectly smooth and only goes where I wish to apply it, this is one of my favourite brushes from the set. It could also be used for cream blusher and powdered or cream bronzer! As this brush can only be used for certain things there isn’t much I can say apart from overall I absolutely adore it!

So that’s all of my Real Technique Brushes for Christmas I have asked for the Starter Set I also would like another of the Core Collection to be used for cream blushes,foundations,bronzes, highlighters and anything like that really. I will probably also buy even more of the brushes so when I do there will obviously be a review!

Feel gorgeous, always x


Hello my lovelies!
So here’s a bit about me:
-My name is Caitlin
-I’m fourteen
-I live in the midlands
-I’m in year 10 at school
-I really want to be a MUA student when I’m older
-I have one older sister

I have such a boring little life so there’s really not much to say.

My blog is going to be about beauty products!
That includes anything from face products to foundations, lip colours, to eye colours!

I feel like I’m rambling now so I’m going to stop if you’re reading this please follow me! Thankyou x

Feel gorgeous,always x